We’re Here

 Hey, it’s me.  The past ten years have come and gone so quickly, but the memories collected add up to a lot of stories.  Some of the people who have shared are known all over the world and many of them are known to a few.  There’s one thread that unites them all – my love for what they do or in some cases did.  Ten years worth of interviews?  That’s a lot of talking, but the truth is that for me it’s mostly been listening.

Many of these interviews were broadcast on the radio one time, never to be heard again.  So many people had great things to say.  I would look for interviews with certain people who had created and accomplished amazing things and would find nothing.  More than once artists who had made incredible contributions to our popular culture would tell me this was the first time their story was being told in their own voice.

If there is one thing we all need, other than love, it’s purpose.  My love is my purpose and it’s a true blessing to know what that is.  I help people tell their stories.  Ten years ago, I would have never believed you if you had told me I would interview my favorite movie director (Woody Allen) or that I would have found myself drinking a beer and singing with a personal fave and one of the founding fathers of rock ‘n roll (Fats Domino) in his living room.  Don’t get me started!

The relaunch of this website is a new chapter in my life…a new canvas on which to paint.  Most importantly, it’s my gift to you.  Slowly, but surely all of the interviews from the past ten years will be available on this website.  You can listen, on-demand, to a conversation with Larry King, or read an incredible conversation with Maya Angelou and learn how important dance and calypso music were toher formative years.  It’s a lot of content.  It’s a lot of stories.

Music.  Movies.  Books.  Paintings.  Plays.  These are all various ways we communicate with each other.  What I try to do is get artists and writers to talk about their work.  They in turn are able to communicate with you so everyone can gain a better understanding.  Maybe this in turn will help you better understand yourself.  I know so many of these interviews have inspired new thoughts of my own or a different perspective on how to view the world we call home.

Whether it’s research or plain entertainment, my humble prayer and wish is for you to get something out of your time on this website.  Maybe it’s information or just a moment of happiness.  There have been some incredibly optimisic sentiments shared and the people featured here have been inspirational and I know from the interactions I have had that they have inspired many other people.

You could say things are lining up.  I’ve great people who care about me and make creativity so much fun.  These people are like espresso to me.  They get my imagination and enthusiasm to the highest level.   Then there’s Jeff Pike.  Although we don’t work together as much as we used to, so many of these interviews were made possible because Jeff was in the other room recording them.  My love for radio will never go away and it’s been a joy to collaborate with someone who loves music as much as I do.  I don’t know if I would have hung in there for as long as I did if it weren’t for Jeff.  We sure have some stories to tell.

So we’re here.  I truly believe the story is just starting.  I’m finally becoming the man I want to be.

I’m over the moon that you’ve joined us.  Perhaps we’ll fly there together.  Now that’s a story…

Special thanks to Charles & Wendy.

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