Win a copy of “Buried Treasure” the collection of early Jimmy Buffett recordings.

Jimmy Buffett is an American treasure and a truly original singer-songwriters who you can never really categorize.  “Buried Treasure,” the new release of old recorded materials is a remarkable collection of Buffett’s early folk rock songs.  Some of you may be familiar with the two albums from Buffett’s discography sometimes referred to as “before the beach” or “before the salt.” Well, “Buried Treasure” are the very first musical recordings: the demos that are before – before the beach.

The standard CD consists of 11 never before heard tracks from Jimmy Buffett, plus a spoken word introduction where Buffett tells the story before each song.  It made for a one of a kind listening experience for an audiophile like me. The deluxe package includes a 40-page book and DVD of an exciting, very interesting “Buried Treasure” documentary about the story of these recordings and Buffett’s recorded music beginnings. The documentary was produced by my friends from Coffin Watson Pictures, who were past guests on the podcast.

If you appreciate Jimmy Buffett’s music, you’ll really enjoy “Buried Treasure” and you may win a copy. One of my favorite things to do, is to give things away to people who appreciate them. If you listen to the Monday podcast, (November 20) I will be featuring an interview with Travis Turk, the man who recorded these early sessions so many years ago.  On the Facebook page, I’ll be asking a simple question based on something Travis Turk said.  Just post the answer to the question for a chance to win.

Then, on Thanksgiving Day, I’ll enter the names into RANDOM.ORG and the first two people will get the Deluxe set featuring the CD/DVD set of “Buried Treasure.” The next two selected winners will win the CD version.  I will contact those people and ship the CD anywhere in the USA.

Special thanks to Laurie Gorman and Mailboat Records.

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