Tora: Singer-Songwriter

 New York based Singer-songwriter Tora joins us for an in-depth conversation about her debut album “Spilling Over.”
Tora was born and raised in New York City. Her mother and father were producing Broadway shows when she was just a toddler. It is why her mother jokes, “Tora could sing before she could talk; and she danced before she could walk.” As the years passed she spent her evenings at all the Broadway rehearsals, often learning entire shows and all its parts. When she wasn’t at rehearsal, she was t aking piano, singing and dance lessons and was also an accomplished high-level gymnast and captain to her team. She was accepted to and attended the summer program at the renowned Interlochen Academy for the Arts for three summers, each time a different major. Later in life while attending Columbia University and being back in her native New York City, her pull towards the music profession was unavoidable. Columbia granted her leave to pursue her dreams. “I wasn’t happy unless I was writing music, performing it or thinking about it.,” she confesses. “You only live once — I know the value of how little time we have here on earth and how it always gets shorter. Sometimes you have to just take a leap and go for your wildest dreams!” It was another two years of hard work and struggles to establish herself as an “artist” before Tora signed with Hawker Management and began work on her debut Album. She draws influence from Freddie Mercury, The Beatles, and Elton John and blends them with similar flares as Joan Jett, Heart and Blondie. Her stage presence reflects all her theatrical and dance background and her voice is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. “I just want to entertain and give you a great show! But I also have real things to say and music is how I’m going to say it.”

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