The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #6 – Lawrence Grobel

Called “the Mozart of Interviewers,” author Lawrence Grobel is interviewed about his lifelong career as a journalist who has spoken in-depth with people like Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Barbra Streisand. In his recent nonfiction book, You, Talking To Me, Grobel reflects on what he learned from talking to 120 of the most fascinating people of our time.

Like many interviewers, my introduction to Grobel was through his esteemed book The Art of the Interview, perhaps the best book of its kind. His unprecedented access to many famous people who have granted interviews to very few journalists, along with his honest and entertaining writing style put Lawrence Grobel at the very top. It’s not surprising that Writer’s Digest called him “a legend among journalists.” In this fast-paced interview, Grobel is as good at telling his tale as he is writing them. Listen and become fascinated!


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