The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #4 – Natalie Goldberg Interview

Natalie Goldberg is the author of many books, the most recent being The Great Spring: Writing, Zen and This Zig Zag Life.  She is most known for her book Writing Down the Bones, which changed the way we look at writing.  The book sold more than a million copies and has been translated into 14 languages.

Her recent book The Great Spring: Writing, Zen and This Zig Zag Life is a collection of short essays and is one of the topics of conversation in this interview. Her documentary film Tangled Up in Bob is also discussed, which is about her travels to Bob Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota to find out about the singer-songwriter’s early years.  All of this is an excuse to try to get to know the author better and her perspectives may change your perspectives on “writing as a practice.”

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