The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #12 – Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn is a prolific singer-songwriter with more than 300 songs in his catalog.  A Canadian recording artist, this interview (among many topics) is discussing his 33rd studio album “Bone on Bone.”  Bruce Cockburn’s songs have been covered by a diverse number of artists: Barenaked Ladies, Ani DiFranco, k.d. lang, Jimmy Buffett, the Jerry Garcia Band, Dan Fogelberg and many others.

Cockburn has written many beautiful songs. The first song I heard of his was “Pacing the Cage.”  He’s long been someone I wanted to have on the show and now he’s kind enough to join us!

Special thanks to Bernie Finkelstein.

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The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #2 – The Dean Dillon Interview

Dean Dillon is one of my favorite songwriters and in my humble opinion, the song “Tennessee Whiskey” is the greatest country song. It’s been recorded by George Jones, David Allan Coe, and most recently by Chris Stapleton, rightfully securing it’s place in music as a standard.

Other great songs he wrote include “A Lot of Things Different,” co-written by Bill Anderson and recorded by Kenny Chesney. He’s written songs for the most successful recording artists of our time, but perhaps he is most known for the many well known songs George Strait recorded: “Unwound,” “The Chair,” “Easy Come, Easy Go,” and “Marina Del Rey,” just to name a few.

2017 saw the release of the film TENNESSSEE WHISKEY: The Dean Dillon Story (directed by Cole Claassen) which tells the story of the great songwriter.  This excellent film and the incredible song catalog of Dean Dillon inspired and guided this interview.

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Singer-Songwriter Bo Ramsey

Bo Ramsey’s music sits at the intersections of blues, folk and rock.  A singer-songwriter, concert and recording artist, as well as producer, Ramsey is an inductee of the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame and the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.  He’s released several solo albums and has also served as a record producer for Lucinda Williams, Joan Baez, Iris DeMent, Ani DiFranco and Elvis Costello.  Singer & actor  Jeff Bridges covered his song “Either Way” on his second studio album.

Bo Ramsey performed on such television shows as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and is closely associated with singer-songwriter Greg Brown.  In addition to producing and performing with Greg Brown he appeared on A Prairie Home  Companion with him in 1999.

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Randy Moore: Singer-Songwriter, Performing & Recording Artist

WALKING into a bar in downtown Nashville, I heard Randy Moore singing and playing his guitar.  He sang with the utmost sincerity.  I knew he had a story to tell and as it turns out, not unlike the life of many artists, Randy Moore has done some incredible things including performing at the Grand Ole Opry, and was a friend and song co-writer with the late, great Carl Perkins.  Let’s meet Randy Moore.


Vinnie Favale: Musical Theatre Book writer, Composer, Lyricist; CBS Vice President of Late Night Programming

Shakespeare once said “the earth has music for those who listen.”  Someone who has heard the music of life…and loss is Vinnie Favale.  As you will hear in this conversation, his interests are diverse.  A Brooklyn boy, Vinnie Favale always loved music and began his career in radio at WNBC.  His path first crossed with David Letterman, who in years to come would be known as one of the biggest stars in television.   Many years later, his path would cross with Letterman again.  In 1996 he joined CBS as the Vice President of Late Night Programming.  He produced over 50 editions of the “Live on Letterman” concert series with everyone from Paul McCartney to Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.  He has been a guest on Howard Stern many times and  itwould appear that all of this would mean a lifetime of stories.

True…but, what gets Vinnie Favale especially passionate is his musical “Hereafter.”  Favale is the book-writer, lyricist and composer for “Hereafter,” a musical that explores the question of what happens after we leave the world of the living.  Written with his creative partner Frankie Keane, Favale hopes to bring closure to all who have lost someone.  Audiences of “Hereafter” have left the theatre in tears, but not tears of sorrow–tears of relief.

Let’s meet Vinnie Favale.

T. Graham Brown: Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist

T. GRAHAM BROWN is one of the most unique voices in country music.  His most recent album “Forever Changed” has been called by some his best work yet. “Forever Changed” received a Grammy nomination for Best Roots Gospel album. If we are judged by the company we keep, T. Graham Brown is the cream of the crop.  His friends in the rock, soul, country and Christian music genres all contributed their vocals to the project, a diverse list that includes Vince Gill, Jason Crabb, Leon Russell, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Cropper, Booth Brothers, Three Bridges, Sonya Isaacs, and Jimmy Fortune.

In addition to original songs co-written by T. Graham Brown, “Forever Changed” features interpretations of songs like the Curtis Mayfield classic, “People Get Ready” which fits perfectly in Brown’s hands.  The album ends with a version of “Wine Into Water,” which deals with the topic of addiction.

 In this interview, T. Graham Brown talks about his roots, the inspiration behind “Forever Changed,” the challenges he overcame and his friendship with songwriter Bruce Burch.


Deborah McColl: Vocalist & Guitarist

The Kindred Spirit was a folk trio featuring Deborah McColl, Thom Tollerson and Phil Rolleston.  Deborah McColl today is a Psychotherapist.  She is also a singer-songwriter and guitarist.  Many people know McColl as the original “Reeferette.”  Deborah McColl was the first backup vocalist for Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band from 1978-1981 and appeared on 5 of his albums and co-wrote two of his songs.

As a recording artist she released her solo album “Naked in the Garden.”  This interview with Deborah McColl was recorded the night before the 40th anniversary reunion concert of The Kindred Spirit folk trio.

Gino Vannelli: Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Performer

GINO VANNELLI remains one of the most prolific recording artists in modern music.  Starting with his 1973 debut album “Crazy Life” and continuing all the way through the 2014 “Live in LA,” Gino Vannelli’s signature sound has included elements of everything from soul to soft rock.  His album “Canto” featured elements of classical, contemporary, pop, Celtic and Flamenco influences with songs sung in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Vannelli is a philosophical man who seems to pursue the creative process with no restraint.  Join us as we meet the artist named Gino Vannelli.

Stephen Marley: Singer-Songwriter & Recording Artist

This brief interview with Stephen Marley was conducted backstage at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia prior to one of his concerts.  There was not a lot of time given because of demands upon the artist.

It is a brief interview, but Stephen doesn’t shy away from talking about the influence his father has on him.  We hope you enjoy this snapshot in time.

Brigitte Zarie: Singer-Songwriter


The corporate jet; a smooth, classy, sophisticated ride to the perfect finish. How nice that would be. If you possess a millionaire’s taste, but lack the assets perhaps you will prefer a smooth, classy, sophisticated ride on the vocal wings of Brigitte Zarie. The timeless style of her sound is evocative of the classic jazz era, but is blessedly placed in our day, with a flawless fit. Brigitte positively purrs her own jazz anthems with a certain authority and power that escapes simple description. Her writing is on par with those wonderful timeless tones; honest, charming and memorable. We wouldn’t have expected anything else from greatness. So strap into your seats for a talk with Brigitte Zarie as she takes us on a singer-songwriter’s flight through memories, notions and conversation non-stop to great enjoyment.

Introduction by Daniel Buckner