From Jerome Garfunkel: “I smoke my booze.”

A friend offered me a glass of wine last week and I told her I like to smoke my booze. Who knows if she understood what I meant. 
But it led to words rattling around in my head for a few days. 
Jerome Garfunkel

I don’t gamble. Not a drinker.

Dots on a die. Booze in a bottle

I don’t spin bottles any longer. 

But I do roll them, big fat ones, 

Then I smoke the booze. 

I don’t toss the dice  any longer. 

But I do roll them,  big fat ones,

Then I smoke the dots.

I roll Dice in Zigzags. 

Big fat ones.

I pour Booze in Bamboos. 

Big fat ones. 

And I smoke the

Dots in the bottles, the Booze on the dice

The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #40 – Jerome Garfunkel

Jerome Garfunkel (also known as Jerry) is someone who knows that life is a learning experience. Called Dr. COBOL by some, for his contributions to COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) a computer programming language. Jerome Garfunkel lives a full life with many interests: a technologist, writer, educator, calligrapher, lecturer and motorcyclist, he has traveled around the globe. It was very nice of Garfunkel to share the insights and lessons he has learned from his experiences with us. Tune in and dig the Jerome vibe.