Randy Moore: Singer-Songwriter, Performing & Recording Artist

WALKING into a bar in downtown Nashville, I heard Randy Moore singing and playing his guitar.  He sang with the utmost sincerity.  I knew he had a story to tell and as it turns out, not unlike the life of many artists, Randy Moore has done some incredible things including performing at the Grand Ole Opry, and was a friend and song co-writer with the late, great Carl Perkins.  Let’s meet Randy Moore.


Arlene Dahl: Actress & Author

By her own admission, ARLENE DAHL has had an “amazing life” and her zest for living is evident in this interview.  Arlene Dahl has starred in 30 films, 19 stage plays, and authored 16 best-selling books on topics ranging from beauty to relationships.  She is forever known as one of the great beauties in motion pictures with her trademark red hair and for being paired with Hollywood’s most famous leading men.  Arlene Dahl was a former MGM contract star and is known for starring in “Reign of Terror,” “Slightly Scarlet,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and many others.  “Three Little Words,” the musical film biography that tells the story of songwriters Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby starred Arlene Dahl along with Fred Astaire, Red Skelton and others.

Arlene Dahl was one of the first celebrities to receive a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame.”  Due to Broadway’s massive influence on popular culture and New York in her opinion being the “capital” of the Entertainment world,  Arlene Dahl is working to create a similar “walk” of stars for Broadway.  Arlene Dahl is the President & Founder of The Broadway Walk of Stars, working to embed uniquely designed “stars” onto the sidewalks of Broadway at Times Square in New York City.  These star squares recognize the greats of Theater, Motion Pictures, Television, Music and Dance.

It’s a lively conversation with Arlene Dahl, and you’ll be glad you’ve got a ticket!


Ben E. King: R&B and Soul Singer

BEN E. KING remains one of the most distinct and recognizable voices of our time.  Put “Stand By Me” on the jukebox in any venue regardless of age and watch the room come alive.

This interview with Ben E. King focused in particular on his jazz album “Heart & Soul,” his last North American album release.

Ben E. King passed away on April 30, 2015.


Dr. John O’Sullivan: Educator

Socrates said “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” On this episode of The Paul Leslie Hour, we’ll meet Dr. John O’Sullivan. He says first he tries to be an educator, and as we will soon find out…he is inquisitive and thoughtful. Whether you agree with the ideas he expresses, we hope it may encourage you to think. Who is Dr. John O’Sullivan? He is a professor of Sociology at the University of North Georgia. His interests are in ecology, education, social change, population trends, and sustainability. John O’Sullivan is also a supporter of the  The Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the 430 mile long Chattahoochee River, which originates in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia and terminates in Lake Seminole on the Florida-Georgia line. Our special guest John O’Sullivan has published articles on a variety of environmental topics and has taught at Delta State University in Mississippi as well as the University of North Carolina.

In our interview with Dr. John O’Sullivan, he speaks about many topics, including education and the environment.

Maya Beiser: Cellist

MAYA BEISER has been called “the queen of contemporary cello” by the San Francisco Chronicle, and The New Yorker magazine has called her a “cello goddess.”  Many people think of the music of Bach and other classical composers when they think of the cello instrument.  Maya Beiser sees so much more.  Her album “Uncovered” is her reimagination of songs recorded by greats in..rock music.  The album features her intrepretations of songs recorded by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and others.

Maya Beiser may make you change the way you view the cello and her interpretations of the songs on “Uncovered” illustrate the connections between rock and much of the music around the world and the classical sounds from our past.

Vinnie Favale: Musical Theatre Book writer, Composer, Lyricist; CBS Vice President of Late Night Programming

Shakespeare once said “the earth has music for those who listen.”  Someone who has heard the music of life…and loss is Vinnie Favale.  As you will hear in this conversation, his interests are diverse.  A Brooklyn boy, Vinnie Favale always loved music and began his career in radio at WNBC.  His path first crossed with David Letterman, who in years to come would be known as one of the biggest stars in television.   Many years later, his path would cross with Letterman again.  In 1996 he joined CBS as the Vice President of Late Night Programming.  He produced over 50 editions of the “Live on Letterman” concert series with everyone from Paul McCartney to Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.  He has been a guest on Howard Stern many times and  itwould appear that all of this would mean a lifetime of stories.

True…but, what gets Vinnie Favale especially passionate is his musical “Hereafter.”  Favale is the book-writer, lyricist and composer for “Hereafter,” a musical that explores the question of what happens after we leave the world of the living.  Written with his creative partner Frankie Keane, Favale hopes to bring closure to all who have lost someone.  Audiences of “Hereafter” have left the theatre in tears, but not tears of sorrow–tears of relief.

Let’s meet Vinnie Favale.

Barry Cuda: Singer & Musical Archivist (Second Interview)

BARRY CUDA is the “pianimal.”  He has been a constant fixture in the Key West, Florida music scene for 30 years and could be considered a musical archivist.  He plays authentic roots music and various piano styles including ragtime, jump blues, earl rock ‘n roll, stride, boogie woogie, early blues, and barrelhouse.

In this interview, Barry Cuda invited Paul into his secret rehearsal place in Key West.  In addition to telling us a bit about his personal history, Barry talked about his fascinating album “New World Blues Roots” featuring his own piano work and congas from Uganda Roberts who performed with Professor Longhair.  The album explores the roots of blues and R&B with 14 instrumental songs originating from the 1860s to the middle of the 20th century.  Truly a unique album, and fascinating to hear Barry Cuda talk about it.


Tom Dreesen: Stand-Up Comedian

Tom Dreesen is a man who has found the recipe for good health and happiness.  His prescription is that you do it 10 times a day.  He wants you to laugh.  

Like the song popularized by his friend the late Frank Sinatra, Tom Dreesen “took a few blows,” but he definitely “lived a life that’s full.”   
In this interview Tom shares his story with us, and it is an inspiring one.  

Sinatra called himself “a saloon singer” and his friend Tom Dreesen “a saloon comedian.”  Dreesen has made over 500 national television appearances, including many on The Late Show with David Letterman.  A friend of Dave’s, Tom Dreesen has even hosted the show in Dave’s absence.  A stand-up comedian, emcee, motivational speaker, and sometimes actor, he still considers himself a neighborhood guy.  


Steve Lukather: Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, member of Toto

STEVE LUKATHER is an absolute virtuoso of the guitar.  Aside from being a member of the band Toto, he is a solo artist who tours and records his own music.  Lukather is one of the most respected session guitarists, having recorded on countless artists albums through the years.
A very open Steve Lukather talks with Paul Leslie about the changes in his life that resulted in his acclaimed album “All’s Well That Ends Well.”  Lukather is proof that you can have tremendous talent and still be very humble.