Frankie Keane: Singer-Songwriter, Stage & Screen Actress

Seeing a theatrical or musical performance is a shared experience.  As Jacques said in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”   We all experience a birth and a passing – a beginning and an end.  Or maybe it doesn’t really end after all?  “Hereafter” is a musical that  brings to the stage an exploration of what happens after that inevitable final curtain call.

In the Big Apple, along comes an artist named Frankie Keane.  Within her was an intense desire to sing, write songs and act.  Where else could you go, but the city that never sleeps?  Eventually she met Vinne Favale, whom she helped in the creative process of writing the musical “Hereafter.”  In addition to being a part of the creative team, Frankie Keane is a cast member playing the role of “Anita.”

In our interview with Frankie Keane, we encounter someone passionate and open, with a desire to bring her heart to the stage and into the lyric and melody of the songs she writes and sings.

Let’s meet Frankie Keane.