Jazz Singer Cyrille Aimée

Hey.  It’s me.  There are certain artists who continue to touch the world ever since they presented their art to the world.  For our guest the French-born Cyrille Aimée, that artist was the Belgian-born French Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

When you hear the recordings of this incredible vocalist, you’ll be glad Cyrille is inspired to share her artistry with the world.  As she states in this interview, originality isn’t something she strives for, it comes natural to her.

This is the tradition of jazz.  Cyrille Aimée was influenced by many of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, and  she carries the traditions of their work into the current century.  Cyrille’s dedication and proficiency in her art leaves me with little doubt that the next generation of jazz singers will be listing her as an influence.

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