From Jerome Garfunkel: “I smoke my booze.”

A friend offered me a glass of wine last week and I told her I like to smoke my booze. Who knows if she understood what I meant. 
But it led to words rattling around in my head for a few days. 
Jerome Garfunkel

I don’t gamble. Not a drinker.

Dots on a die. Booze in a bottle

I don’t spin bottles any longer. 

But I do roll them, big fat ones, 

Then I smoke the booze. 

I don’t toss the dice  any longer. 

But I do roll them,  big fat ones,

Then I smoke the dots.

I roll Dice in Zigzags. 

Big fat ones.

I pour Booze in Bamboos. 

Big fat ones. 

And I smoke the

Dots in the bottles, the Booze on the dice