The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #1 – Willie Nelson

A postcard I wrote ended up in Willie Nelson’s hands.  He responded warmly.

For episode #1 of The Paul Leslie Hour, I want to invite you on Willie Nelson’s tour bus for an honest and light-hearted conversation with the man himself.

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Phil Rolleston: Vocalist & Guitarist

The Kindred Spirit was a folk trio featuring Phil Rolleston, Thom Tollerson and Deborah McColl.  In 1968, a recording was made of one of their live concert, using one microphone.  In 2008, the tape of that recording was resurrected and the audio cleaned up.  It was that recording that provided the inspiration for the band to have a reunion 40 years later.  The three members of the trio were interviewed the night before their reunion concert.  Phil Rolleston was the first to be interviewed.

Stephen Marley: Singer-Songwriter & Recording Artist

This brief interview with Stephen Marley was conducted backstage at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia prior to one of his concerts.  There was not a lot of time given because of demands upon the artist.

It is a brief interview, but Stephen doesn’t shy away from talking about the influence his father has on him.  We hope you enjoy this snapshot in time.

Wesley Cook: Singer-Songwriter

Recorded several years ago, this was an in-studio interview and acoustic performances with singer-songwriter Wesley Cook.  He had released his first album “We’ve Been Here Before” featuring only vocal and acoustic guitar.  He performs many songs from this album as well as a few songs that had not yet been recorded and a couple that have yet to be put on an album.  This is an interesting artifact and the performances are soulful and played with great feeling.


Peter Mayer: Singer-Songwriter

Peter Mayer had returned from Mexico and invited us in to do this interview while also playing many of his songs (old and new) on acoustic guitar.  Mayer had just released his album “Musicbox.”  Both as a solo artist and with his band PM, Peter Mayer has released 13 studio albums and 2 live albums.

This is the perfect introduction to those who are new to Peter Mayer.  For those whoare fans already, you will feel like you were right there…like we were, listening to Peter tell the stories of the songs and then play them.

Tom Freund: Singer-Songwriter

This interview with Tom Freund was recorded backstage at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.  Tom Freund was performing with Ben Harper and the intimate chat took place after the concert.  Tom Freund was kind enough to share with you a live recording from that show of his song “Copper Moon.”  Tom Freund has released 8 studio albums (including a duo album with Ben Harper), 4 EPs, and a live album.  His songs have been featured in television shows like “One Tree Hill,” “Dawson’s Creek,” and “Parenthood.”  Tom Freund has recorded and/or performed with artists like Graham Parker, Josh Kelley and Mandy Moore.

We hope you enjoy as we take you backstage at the Tabernacle.  Recorded August 1, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia.


Frank McInvale: Fan Club President

Frank McInvale is the President of Jim’s Islanders, the Jim Asbell Fan Club.  Jim Asbell came to do an interview and set of live vocal and acoustic performances at Jordan Digital Studios with Paul Leslie.  McInvale came along and we got to ask him a few questions as well.


Jennifer Schottstaedt: Actor

William Shakespeare wrote the words, “All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.”  Actors are the artists who use their voice, face and body to present a visual and audio story. Many would say actors affects the heart and mind of the audience.  Actors are interpreters of a story.

In this interview, we will be joined by an actor of the stage, Jennifer Schottstaedt.  She has performed in some of the greatest plays including Shakespeare classics like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and also Tennessee William’s Sweet Bird of Youth…and other works such as 5 Faces for Evelyn Frost; Jane, The Fox and Me and a recent production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses at Actor’s Express.

Jennifer Schottstaedt shares her story and perspective which she has gained as a result of dedication to her craft and her work as a teacher, helping other actors learn the art.

Jim Asbell: Singer-Songwriter

Jim Asbell is a singer-songwriter and recording artist who has a lot of “tropical” influence in his songwriting.  He has two albums entitled “Man Overbored” (spelling intentional) and “Tropiholics.”  He joined Paul in the studio for an in-depth interview as well as many vocal and acoustic performances.


Chaz McDonald: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Chaz McDonald is a guitarist in the genres of blues and rock from Atlanta, Georgia.  He has performed thousands of concerts across the country with various bands.  Chaz McDonald appeared in the live CD/DVD from the band A1A: Live at the Strand.

He is also a vocalist and has written songs like “Please Don’t Wake Me In L.A.” and is known for his abilities as a storyteller.  Many of Chaz McDonald’s tales are “band stories,” or stories that could only happen to a musician on the road.

Ladies and gentlemen: Chaz McDonald.