T. Graham Brown: Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist

T. GRAHAM BROWN is one of the most unique voices in country music.  His most recent album “Forever Changed” has been called by some his best work yet. “Forever Changed” received a Grammy nomination for Best Roots Gospel album. If we are judged by the company we keep, T. Graham Brown is the cream of the crop.  His friends in the rock, soul, country and Christian music genres all contributed their vocals to the project, a diverse list that includes Vince Gill, Jason Crabb, Leon Russell, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Cropper, Booth Brothers, Three Bridges, Sonya Isaacs, and Jimmy Fortune.

In addition to original songs co-written by T. Graham Brown, “Forever Changed” features interpretations of songs like the Curtis Mayfield classic, “People Get Ready” which fits perfectly in Brown’s hands.  The album ends with a version of “Wine Into Water,” which deals with the topic of addiction.

 In this interview, T. Graham Brown talks about his roots, the inspiration behind “Forever Changed,” the challenges he overcame and his friendship with songwriter Bruce Burch.


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