Nana Mouskouri: Singer, Recording Artist

Our special guest is international singer NANA MOUSKOURI. According to the music website, Nana Mouskouri is the biggest selling female vocalist of all time. I think you will agree, the story and case of Nana Mouskouri is a unique one. She speaks and sings in several languages. She’s recorded songs in Greek, French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew, Welsh, Mandarin, and Turkish, just to name a few. Nana Mouskouri has fans throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. She has recorded approximately 450 albums and an astonishing 2,000 songs making one of, if not the most prolific recording artists in the world. Nana Mouskouri sings in many genres from jazz, French cabaret songs, songs heard in motion picture soundtracks, classical and operatic pieces, religious and gospel hymns, pop tunes, folk songs from her native Greece, and other genres. A very humble woman, when asked how many albums she has sold globally, Nana Mouskouri has said “around 200 million,” while some journalists believe the number to be well over 300 million copies worldwide. Nana Mouskouri’s voice has been an international sensation for over 50 years.

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