John O’Hurley: Stage, Screen & Voice Actor, Musician & Author

You could say that John O’Hurley is a seasoned and accomplished performer, but his forms of expression cannot be limited by a single medium.  No, John O’Hurley is an artist. You may have seen John O’Hurley on stage as Billy Flynn in the beloved musical “Chicago,” a role he has performed over 1,000 times.  In the popular culture, O’Hurley is well known as J. Peterman, Elaine’s eccentric and verbose boss on 22 episodes of “Seinfeld.”

John O’Hurley was in the very first season of “Dancing with the Stars,” and also hosted “Family Feud” from 2006 to 2011.

He has pursued other creative outlets as well.  He’s written two books and John O’Hurley’s lifelong love of melodies has resulted in two albums of his musical compositions: “Secrets From the Lake,” and “Peace of Our Minds.”  John O’Hurley is a man who believes in the powers of imagination.  His perspectives are well worth your attention!


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