The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #5 – Charley Pride

Hey.  It’s Me.

For lovers of traditional country music (that’s me) it just doesn’t get any better than Charley Pride.  I recall taking a friend of mine to see Charley Pride in concert and at one point looking over and seeing tears of joy streaming down his face.  That’s not an exaggeration, but as Pride says in this interview he’s “in the business of feelings, lyrics and emotions.”  If that’s what Charley Pride is selling, he can consider himself a successful salesman because of the gusto with which people consume his music.

Charley Pride is honest and down-to-earth in this interview and we talk about his latest album Music in My Heart, featuring 13 new recordings and the man behind the music.  It’s all here folks.  Welcome to it.

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One Reply to “The Paul Leslie Hour Episode #5 – Charley Pride”

  1. I’ve been a fan from the first time I heard him sing on radio and saw his first TV show !! I got his first album and several,several more besides 8 tracks , cassette tapes and CDs including his new CD of which I’m enjoying .Guess you can say I’m a big fan of his and I admire him , respect him and love him . May a God bless him 😊

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