Barry Cuda: Singer & Musical Archivist (Second Interview)

BARRY CUDA is the “pianimal.”  He has been a constant fixture in the Key West, Florida music scene for 30 years and could be considered a musical archivist.  He plays authentic roots music and various piano styles including ragtime, jump blues, earl rock ‘n roll, stride, boogie woogie, early blues, and barrelhouse.

In this interview, Barry Cuda invited Paul into his secret rehearsal place in Key West.  In addition to telling us a bit about his personal history, Barry talked about his fascinating album “New World Blues Roots” featuring his own piano work and congas from Uganda Roberts who performed with Professor Longhair.  The album explores the roots of blues and R&B with 14 instrumental songs originating from the 1860s to the middle of the 20th century.  Truly a unique album, and fascinating to hear Barry Cuda talk about it.


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