"Hey. It's me." Nothing says relaxing like an old friends voice. We share. We gloat. Heck, we even lie a little. So c’mon tell me something I don’t already know. Because hey, its only Paul…how dangerous could this get?  -Kyle Prater, Poet



Vinnie Favale & Frankie Keane



Singer-Songwriter Brigitte Zarie

The corporate jet; a smooth, classy, sophisticated ride to the perfect finish. How nice that would be. If you possess a millionaire’s taste but lack the assets, perhaps you will prefer a smooth, classy, sophisticated ride on the vocal wings of Brigitte Zarie. The timeless style of her sound is evocative of the big band era but is blessedly placed in our day, with a flawless fit. Brigitte positively purrs her own crooner anthems with a certain authority and power that escapes simple description. Her writing is on par with those wonderful evergreen tones; honest, charming and memorable. We wouldn’t have expected anything else from greatness. So strap into your seats for a talk with Brigitte Zarie, as she takes us on an singer-songwriter’s flight through memories, notions and brilliant conversation non-stop to great enjoyment. 


Genius Either Way It's Flipped...



It's fate that some should touch the heights that make a mem'ry fast recall,

The words and deeds that make hearts light, and let the tensions built, desolve,


A comic's not a name tag worn, nor ever was talent bought, a showman true, is only born, then hones the talent he has got,


Let the hours slip 'til night, who fears the dark in merriment, rather laugh in lowered light, then watch some other, lesser gent


Let talent come from where it will, in singers, actors, all renowned spectators nightly hours fill, with David, Paul and Kalter’s sounds,

those talents many lives enrich, by daring to speak humors script

As Letterman describes "the switch" it's genius either way it's flipped.

 (A Poem by Daniel L. Buckner)

I was about 9 years old and staying up very late on a Friday. Everyone else was sound asleep and that was

the first time I ended up on “Late Night with David Letterman.” I distinctly remember the bandleader eating a bowl of Rice Krispies drizzled with Pepto-Bismol. Clearly I had stepped into another era of my