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Robert Davi: Singer & Actor

If the Renaissance happened again in our times, in our America the performing arts would be the premiere medium. Particularly the art of music is a constant companion to the greatest audience. To seek the great names of America’s New Renaissance music would lead us to genius performers like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Dean Martin just to name a very few. It would not be a finished search, though, until we found Robert Davi.

“Robert Davi?” You ask? Who doesn’t know the amazing actor from his television and big screen appearances? His is a broad repertoire of talent from which to draw. Robert Davi has walked the Silver screen and raised a golden voice for the performing arts. To hear his voice is to slip through the fingers of time and find oneself in the golden age of crooners. In Davi’s abum “The Road to Romance” he sings those remarkable songs popularized by Frank Sinatra. The impeccable production of this work, by Phil Ramone, renders it top shelf art of the Americas.  LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW


Cleto Escobedo III

Cleto and the Cletones is the "house band" for the ABC late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"  The musical director of the band is Cleto Escobedo III who plays the saxophone and sometimes sings on the show.  His father, Cleto Escobedo, Jr. also plays saxophone on the show and is a major influence on Cleto's life and music.

In a rare interview, Cleto Escobedo, III spoke with us and shed some light on the late night sax man.

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Bobby Weinstein: Songwriter

BOBBY WEINSTEIN is an inductee of the Songwiters Hall of Fame, and with good reason.  He has written many hit songs, mostly with the late Teddy Randazzo, including Goin' Out of My Head, It's Gonna Take a Miracle, I'm on the Outside (Looking In) and many more.  His songs have been recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Steve Lawrence, Dionne Warwick, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Ella Fitzgerald and Linda Ronstadt just to name a few.

The Bobby Weinstein Interview


Elliot Mintz: A Sound Portrait

Elliot Mintz is a former radio and television personality who went on to become a media consultant for many well-known celebrities and CEOs. I cannot think of anyone in the business they sometimes call the Hollywood “entertainment industry” who has grabbed my attention quite like Elliot Mintz. I cannot really think of many people who would not find him interesting…years ago when he represented a lot of the A-list celebrities like Paris Hilton, he seemed a million miles away from my own life. Then there was the many recordings I heard of his nationally syndicated radio program, “The Lost Lennon Tapes” that played rare alternate takes, composition tapes and interviews of Elliot’s friend John Lennon. John Lennon along with maybe Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley may be the only people in the history of popular music with enough interest that an entire radio series could be devoted to them. You may think Paris Hilton and John Lennon are worlds apart, but you have to understand Elliot Mintz.  Click here for more...