"Hey. It's me." Nothing says relaxing like an old friends voice. We share. We gloat. Heck, we even lie a little. So c’mon tell me something I don’t already know. Because hey, its only Paul…how dangerous could this get?  -Kyle Prater, Poet



Songwriter Les Reed

Les Reed (OBE) is one of the greatest living songwriters!  In this interview, we sit down with the man behind the tunes and his stories about the internationally known songs "There's a Kind of Hush," "It's Not Unusual," "Delilah," and so many others.

It is rare that we get to speak with a man who is so open about what he does.  You'll not want to miss this interview with one of music's greatest talents.  Ladies and gentlemen, the legendary Les Reed.

 Listen to Les Reed's Interview.



Singer-Songwriter Jessie Bridges

Jessie Bridges is a singer-songwriter who debuted as a recording artist in 2010 with the self-titled album "Jessie Bridges."  She has recently released a full-length album entitled "Let It Breathe," featuring songs that have been described as everything from "spirited and twangy" to "soulful and vulnerable."  She has been called introspective and sentimental, and at times with a country feeling.


She is also an artist on the go she is performing everywhere from Boston to New York City and on August 27th is performing at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.  Along with the interview she performs a couple of her original songs.


Meeting Garfunkel.

As some of you know, my interest is primarily in interviewing lyricists and composers—the great songwriters. I am umbillically connected to Simon & Garfunkel, perhaps thee great duo in American music. My mom, who tends to have the best taste in music, loved them, and saw them when she was in college. The year was 1962 and the place was Buffalo, New York. Those were years with war and strife, but she loved the songs and the harmonizing. “’Bridge Over Troubled Water’ was a song of hope,” she said.   Click here for more...