"Hey. It's me." Nothing says relaxing like an old friends voice. We share. We gloat. Heck, we even lie a little. So c’mon tell me something I don’t already know. Because hey, its only Paul…how dangerous could this get?  -Kyle Prater, Poet



Terry Woodson: Conductor


Terry Woodson’s whole life has been about music. A native of Oklahoma, his chosen instrument was the bass trombone. The music lead him to Hollywood where he played in a big band headed by trumpeter Don Ellis. Shortly thereafter, Woodson’s playing caught the ear of the legendary Henry Mancini, thus beginning a 30 year career with the Henry Mancini Orchestra. Over the past few decades Terry Woodson currently conducts the Percy Faith Orchestra. Until the recent passing of Frank Sinatra, Jr., Woodson served as the conductor for Mr. Sinatra’s orchestra as well as the producer of his recent albums. Woodson has worked on the recordings of such artists as Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Rosemary Clooney, Frank Sinatra, and Linda Ronstadt.

Bucky Pizzarelli: Guitarist

In the world of the seven-string jazz guitar, there is a name that stands out among fans and players alike. Guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli has performed and recorded with many of the most legendary groups. The Vaughn Monroe Orchestra, The Tonight Show Band, the Benny Goodman Orchestra and even Frank Sinatra are just some of the ensembles that featured guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. His sons John and Martin are also well known and respected musicians in the jazz world. 

Bucky Pizzarelli has contributed to countless record albums. Recently, Paul McCartney’s album of American Songbook standards “Kisses on the Bottom” featured Pizzarelli on several tracks. He continues to bring his distinctive guitar sound to audiences around the world.


Sid Mark: Host of 'Sounds of Sinatra'

The sounds of a Frank Sinatra recording playing over the radio… perhaps nobody on earth has made that happen more than hall of fame radio disc jockey Sid Mark who is our special guest on this episode of The Paul Leslie Hour. The first version of his Frank Sinatra-centric radio program was broadcast on WHAT-FM in 1957. It was called “Friday with Frank.” Sid Mark’s Philadelphia-based radio programs“Sunday with Sinatra” and his nationally syndicated show “Sounds of Sinatra” are both dedicated to the music of Frank Sinatra. For almost 60 years now, Sid Mark has been playing countless tracks from Frank Sinatra, and in 2001, Sid Mark was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia’s Hall of Fame. Joining us to tell his story is Sid Mark and along the way, of course, lots of great sounds from Sinatra…

Steve Tyrell: Singer

Romance and music. Could they ever be separated? Most of the great standards from the American Songbook featured romance at the forefront. Many of the lasting songs of the great singers like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin and others were songs of love. The tradition continues with our guest on this episode of The Paul Leslie Hour. Grammy award-winning Steve Tyrell can sing in a number of styles, but one of the prevalent themes is romance. In some circles, Steve Tyrell is known as a producer. He’s worked with Dionne Warwick, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, B. J. Thomas, Rod Stewart, Regis Philbin and the list goes on and on. It was Steve Tyrell’s own performance of the song “The Way You Look Tonight” in the film “The Father of the Bride” however that launched his own successful recording and performing career singing classics from the American Songbook. When Frank Sinatra was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, Steve Tyrell was requested as the featured performer by Quincy Jones and the Sinatra family.
In 2005, Steve Tyrell recorded his album “Songs of Sinatra” and the Sinatra family gave Tyrell rare access to some of Frank Sinatra’s arrangements.

Al Schmitt: Sound Engineer

The art of recording. Anyone who has heard an incredible record album, is appreciating more than the talent of the singers and musicians. The art and science of what happens before, during and after a music recording is made is a very broad field that can include a record producer, who oversees and is the visionary for a recording artist’s music and also the audio engineer who must master the recording, manipulation, mixing, editing, and reproduction of sound. To become skilled as a recording engineer, mixer or producer requires a knowledge of technology, science and music.
On this episode of The Paul Leslie Hour, we are welcoming one of the most renowned recording engineers in popular recorded music, Al Schmitt. With more than 20 Grammy awards to his credit, Al Schmitt has worked on the albums of many artists including Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, Natalie Cole, Jackson Browne, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Henry Mancini, Diana Krall, George Benson and the last two studio albums of the late, great Frank Sinatra.


Amanda Erlinger: Photographer & Painter

A myriad of images surround us every day, still and in motion. The artist frequently sees the wonder in both the grandest and most mundane subject. Using a paintbrush or a camera, these images can be preserved to be admired again and again. On this episode of The Paul Leslie Hour, we will meet Amanda Erlinger, an artist and photographer. Amanda Erlinger is a native Los Angeleno who thanks her grandfather for teaching her various artistic techniques and principles. Amanda Erlinger’s grandfather, the late Frank Sinatra was not only a singer and actor, but also a painter.

As we celebrate the centennial of Frank Sinatra, playing the music from his rich recorded legacy is a must and a pleasure, but here we will also be joined by Amanda Erlinger to discuss the book of photographs she compiled with Robin Morgan, entitled simply “SINATRA,” it is the official luxury book commemorating 100 years since the singer’s birth.


Charles L. Granata: Author & Producer

2015 is Frank Sinatra’s centenary year…100 years since his birth in Hoboken, New Jersey many called Sinatra the greatest entertainer of the 20th century. A performing singer and recording artist, Frank Sinatra’s work spanned across 7 decades, a longevity unheard of for most people. Although we can no longer see and hear Sinatra in concert, the recorded legacy left behind is astounding. Sinatra’s discography is one of the most vast of any recording artist.
Author, producer and historian Charles L. Granata penned the award-winning book “Sessions with Sinatra: Frank Sinatra and the Art of Recording,” which has been identified as one of the most important studies of Sinatra the recording artist. Charles Granata is also producer of “Nancy for Frank,” a radio program heard on the Sirius/XM channel “Siriusly Sinatra.” He’s contributed to several Grammy-nominated box sets including a new box set collection of Frank Sinatra’s live radio performances entitled “Frank Sinatra: A Voice on Air.”
Charles L. Granata or “Chuck” as he sometimes calls himself joins us for an in-depth and stimulating interview. We’ll be playing many recordings of the voice, and by the voice we mean Frank Sinatra. We felt Chuck Granata is the perfect guest as we now bring in the 12th year of our interviews.



Bill Boggs: Television Personality

Virgil tells us “amor vincit omnia,” or love conquers all… It's no surprise then that a son of Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love), Pennsylvania would go forth and conquer in many arenas of entertainment.
Some people just seem to approach the world with a strong sense of curiosity and many things to accomplish. Meet Bill Boggs from Philadelphia. Bill Boggs has hosted more than a dozen television shows. He’s won four Emmy awards and has interviewed countless celebrities as a reporter in the world of entertainment, music, food, travel and sports. Bill Boggs is a correspondent for the PBS television show “My Generation.” Communication is clearly his forte. Boggs has written fiction, a self-help book, and essays and he travels everywhere as a public speaker.
Bill Boggs has interviewed so many people, but when you talk with Bill Boggs about Frank Sinatra, his enthusiasm is not something he can hide. He saw Frank Sinatra live in concert over 120 times. Sinatra’s first television talk show appearance was with Bill Boggs and Boggs believes it was perhaps the longest interview of his career. As we celebrate 100 years of Frank Sinatra, we feel Bill Boggs is the perfect guest.




Charles Pignone’s new book SINATRA 100 is perhaps the definitive book for those who love Frank Sinatra. It is a large-format book with more than 400 black and white photos (many previously never released) and is jacketed with a screen-printed acetate, making it one of the most beautiful books about a single personality I have ever seen. 

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